Guidelines for Presenters

Guidelines for Poster presenters

Presentations will be displayed in a dedicated channel on the symposium Discord server. Attendees will be able to scroll through the presentations, view them, and type in their questions. You are expected to stay online during the entire time of your presentation slot to interact with the audience and answer questions. Questions may also come in outside that particular slot — you are welcome to answer them at your convenience.

At this virtual symposium we are accepting different formats of presentations, so go ahead and get creative! You may submit your presentations in any one of the following formats:

  • A static high quality JPG or PNG poster of 2400 X 1800 pixels (4:3 ratio). Please ensure that the text and graphics on your poster should be readable on screen without getting pixelated on expanding.
  • A powerpoint presentation in a PDF format. To avoid losing viewership on your poster make sure you do not have too many slides.
  • To send us your file, create a new folder in your Google Drive. Use the format “PresenterID_birdmonitoring2023” when naming your folder. Upload your presentation to this folder and share the folder with us by clicking on the “Click Share” option on your folder. In the box that says “Add people and groups” add our email address: [email protected] and click the send option. Please do not forget to provide us editing access by selecting the “Editor” option on the top right corner before clicking on “Send”.

Email address for queries: [email protected]