Live Public Sessions

Live Public Sessions

You can view public sessions live on this page. Registered participants can ask questions and interact with speakers and others through the Discord server you have been added to.

Keynote Talk: Colombia Resurvey Project – Assessing changes in bird communities over a century of landscape transformation

by Camila Gomez

Past Live Sessions

Mini-symposium: Passive Acoustic Monitoring to study birds – Session 1

1. Community bioacoustics: patterns and pitfalls of using behavioural traits to monitor birds by Anand Krishnan
2. Using bioacoustics to investigate the seasonal pattern of bird presence by Hari Krishnan C P
3. Acoustic traits and community ecology of mixed-species bird flocks by Abhijith A V
4. Establishing a Detection framework for the endangered Forest Owlet using Automated Recording Units by Amrutha Rajan

Mini-symposium: Passive Acoustic Monitoring to study birds – Session 2

1. Listening for Change: Using acoustics to quantify the impact of ecological restoration on soundscapes of a tropical dry forest by Pooja Choksi
2. Creating an automated recorder detection framework for the Critically Endangered – Jerdon’s Courser (Rhinoptilus bitorquatus) by Chiti Arvind
3. Acoustic Monitoring of Birds Across Land-use Patterns in Semi-arid Ecosystems by Antara Kulkarni
4. Can we monitor individual birds using acoustics? A case study of White-bellied Sholakili by Suyash Sawant
5. Automated Passive Acoustic Monitoring of critically endangered Lesser Florican (Sypheotides indicus) by Swayam Thakkar

Passive acoustic monitoring of avian communities and habitats

by Laurel Symes

Mini-symposium: Historical Resurveys for Bird monitoring – Session 1

1. Revisiting the Structure and Organization of a Peruvian Amazonian Forest Bird Community after Three Decades by Ari Martínez
2. 40 years of avifaunal change in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA by Graham Montgomery
3. On Salim Ali’s Trail: The Mysore Bird Survey by Subbu Subramanya

Mini-symposium: Historical Resurveys for Bird monitoring – Session 2

1. Strengthening ecological baselines through seabird surveys in east Antarctica by Anant Pande
2. Pelagic seabird re-survey in the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) by Ravichandra Mondreti
3. Resurveys show that tropical montane birds are on an escalator to extinction by Benjamin Freeman

Panel Discussion: Role of Historical Resurveys in Bird Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Ghazala Shahabuddin
Panelists: Umesh Srinivasan, Priya Karnisar, Dhananjai Mohan